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Day Hike (Brittany): From Fouesnant to Concarneau on the GR34 (14,8 km)

Date: Monday, February 28th, 2022

Path: GR34

Distance: 14,8 km

Ascent: 95m

Descent: 146m

It is the school holidays, which make this an ideal time to take Sasha for a nice walk along the Breton coast. Just like last summer, we leave from our base at the grandmother's house in Fouesnant. This time we follow the GR34 eastwards to Concarneau.

The first part around the Anse de Penfoulic is already familiar to us. At low tide it's not always the most beautiful bay, but the next two bays after Kerleven beach are therefore much more interesting. The GR34 is well known for the fact that you have to hike all the way around bays - in french: "Anse" - on several occasions, only to have bridged a dozen meters as the crow flies. First there is the Anse Saint-Laurent that cuts inland for about one and a half kilometres. This bay is immediately followed by the smaller Anse Saint-Jean. Both are beautiful pieces of nature and we stop several times to enjoy the splendour. I have also given Sasha a small notebook and he writes down his impressions in it, like his dad. "It is very beautiful", is his summary. The path offers enough variety, going up and down, along (natural) stairs and over tree roots.

At the exit of the Anse Saint-Jean, the grandparents are waiting for us to join them for a short walk to Concarneau and the Plage des Sables Blancs. We pass the small but beautiful Plage de Kernous. As we approach Concarneau, the path becomes easier to walk with several viewpoints on top of the ten-metre-high cliffs. If there is still time, you can continue along the coastal path for about three kilometres to the fortified "Ville Close" of Concarneau. We keep it at a nice 14.8 kilometres.

Do you also want to try this beautiful walk? Download the GPX of it here:

GR34 - Fouesnant - Concarneau - UltimateHiking
Download GPX • 52KB

By public transport: This hike is not reachable by public transport. The route lies mostly on the GR34 Sentier des Douaniers, the long distance path following most of the Breton coast line.

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