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We all have a list of hikes we would like to do in our lifetime. This is my list at the moment.

Mont Saint-Michel

GR223 - Tour du Cotentin

Country:​​ France
Distance: 669km
Ascent: 4.930m D+

GR56 Tour de l'Ubaye

GR56 - Tour de l'Ubaye

Country:​​ France
Distance: 154 km
Ascent: 8.950m D+



Country:​​ Germany
Distance: 155 km
Ascent: 3.064m D+

Western Front Way

Western Front Way

Country:​​ Belgium, France
Distance: ca. 1000 km
Ascent: ??

GR738 Traversée de Belledonne

GR738 - Traversée de Belledonne

Country:​​ France
Distance: 127km
Ascent: 9.630m D+

GR54 Tour de l'Oisans et des Ecrins

GR54 - Tour de l'Oisans et des Écrins

Country:​​ France
Distance: 176 km
Ascent: 12.800m D+

South West Coast Path

South West Coast Path

Country:​​ United Kingdom
Distance: 1010 km
Ascent: 25.780m D+


Traumpfad München-Venetië

Land:​​ DE, A, IT
Afstand: ca. 550 km
Hoogtemeters: ??

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