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My new shelter: the DD Superlight Tarp

For my next adventure in the Alps on the GR738, I have bought a new shelter: the Superlight Tarp from Scottish DD Hammocks. The brand is primarily known for its hammocks. But hammocks also need tarps for protection against wind and rain. DD is now an established name in the world of tarps.

The best known tarp model from DD Hammocks is the Tarp 3x3 which weighs 790 grams (without pegs and guy ropes) and is made of 190T Polyester. However, I went for the Superlight version made of Ripstop nylon which is 330 grams lighter with almost the same dimensions. There is also a smaller and a larger model of the Superlight Tarp (respectively 290gr for 2.8x1.5m and 690gr for 4.5x2.9m). But the standard model I chose is sufficiently versatile for me and can easily accommodate two people. The PU coating gives the tarp a water column of 3000mm which is much more than the 1200mm of my MSR Hubba NX. The 19 fixing points are all reinforced.

The tarp comes with four simple pegs and as many guylines. For the alpine terrain I will replace the pegs with sturdier T- or Y-pegs that don't tend to bend if they hit rocks.

DD Superlight Tarp Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.0 x 2.9m

  • Weight: 487 grams with 4 guylines and 4 pegs

  • Material: Ripstop Nylon

  • 19 reinforced fixing points

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