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Two days on the Müllerthal Trail - Route 2

The Müllerthal Trail probably needs no introduction and so this time I will make a short report of it. The three loops of between 35 and 38 kilometres are loved by many hikers because of the beautiful rock formations, narrow gorges, rivers and the natural beauty through which the path leads. My son saw some pictures of the Müllerthal and that made him want to go there too. Earlier plans to hike a part of the GR512 trail in Flemish Brabant were discarded. It's best to hike the Müllerthal Trail on weekdays and to avoid weekends because of the crowds. That way you can enjoy the beauty in relative peace and quiet.

We chose the most popular route of the three: route 2. We shortened the route a little and split the distance in two. That gave us two tough hiking days of about 17,5 kilometres each, with an overnight stay at a camping site in Consdorf.

Day 1: Echternach > Consdorf (via Berdorf)

Date: Monday 11/04/2022

Distance: 17,9 km

Ascent: 453m / Descent: 292m

Weather: 17°C, Sunny

The western part of route 2 is of a more sporty nature and very often passes by rock formations, such as the Wollefsschlucht, Hohllay (Huel Lee) and the Priedegtstull. The Schiessentümpel (Schéissendëmpel) waterfall is also a tourist attraction. Be careful, the route is currently diverted in several places near the village of Müllerthal due to collapsed and unstable bridges. Information on the diversions can be found on the topographical maps provided by the Luxembourg authorities, here.

Day 2: Consdorf > Echternach (via Scheidgen)

Date: Tuesday 12/04/2022

Distance: 17,3 kilometer

Ascent: 241m / Descent: 401m

Weather: 20°C, Sunny

On the southern part of the route, you will find the narrow Deiwepëtz gorge. The gorge is about 50 metres long and it is dark, so a pocket or headlamp is recommended. Walking through it with a trekking backpack is difficult, because in most places the passage is too narrow. Being claustrophobic does not help either, especially when there are hikers coming from the opposite direction. The last 12 kilometres lead through wider gorges and forests and past rock walls to finally arrive back in Echternach.


It may surprise you to know that the Müllerthal Trail, despite no direct train connections, is very easily accessible by public transport. From Ettelbrück or Luxembourg City buses take you directly to Echternach - our start and finish point - or many other places on one of the three trails. An extra motivation can be the price: for less than 22 € you can travel by train from anywhere in Belgium to Ettelbrück and back. Two rides on a Rail Pass via the SNCB app cost 16,8€ together and you pay 5€ (=2 x 2,5€) for the part from Gouvy to the border! You pay nothing for public transport in Luxembourg and it is efficient! In short: also people without a car can easily get there.

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Day 1:

Mullerthal - Dag 1
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Day 2:

Mullerthal - Dag 2
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